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How To Survive Fasting Before Your Wisdom Teeth Removal

Getting your wisdom teeth out is always an exciting process because it allows you to get rid of that extra set of molars and relieve the pain that they are bringing. However, it can also be frustrating because you will have to fast before your surgery. This is to ensure that the surgeons are working on you when you have an empty stomach and that you will not involuntarily throw up on them and clog the area where they are trying to work. Read More 

Not Just Wrinkles! 4 Strange New Uses Of Botox

We tend to think of botox as an injectable to erase wrinkles from the face -- but it's actually doing a lot more in today's medical world, even beyond cosmetic dermatology. If you're looking at different kinds of plastic surgery or other treatments, read on to discover a few ways that doctors are now using botox to treat a variety of conditions, or for different cosmetic results. Excessive Sweating Did you know that botox can help people with excessive sweating? Read More