Improve Your Appearance With An Eyelid Lift – What You Need To Know

As you get older, you may notice the area around your eyes starts to sag. This can happen even if you don't many other wrinkles. You may not need a facelift to correct the problem. Instead, you can have cosmetic surgery that lifts the upper or lower eyelids. Here's what you need to know. 

Why Eyelid Surgery Is Done

You may want the surgery to make your face look younger, more refreshed, or more alert. Sagging eyelids can make you look tired, grumpy, or older than you are. If they sag enough, they may actually interfere with your side vision. If your doctor determines the sagging bothers your vision, you may be able to get your insurance to cover the cost. However, if you want the surgery to improve your looks or get rid of the annoying feeling of sagging eyelids, then you'll probably have to pay the cost out of pocket.

How It's Done

An eyelid lift can be done alone or in combination with another facial cosmetic surgery. If it is done alone, it is usually done as an outpatient procedure since it is a fairly quick operation. The doctor removes excess fat and skin from your lids if necessary and tightens skin to get rid of sags and bags around your eye area. You'll probably have stitches that need to be removed in several days. A protective ointment is placed in your eyes before the surgery, so your vision will probably be blurry afterward. You should arrange for someone to drive you home from the procedure.

Recovering From An Eyelid Lift

While it may take a few months for the scars to completely disappear, you should be almost back to normal within a couple of weeks. Plan on taking a week off from work because your eye area will be swollen and bruised. Although you may still have some bruising into the second week, by then it should be mild enough you can cover it with makeup. Your doctor will probably advise you to restrain from sports and other vigorous activity for a couple of weeks until most of the healing is done. You'll want to protect your eyes as much as possible during this time by staying out of the sun or wearing sunglasses. You may have some discomfort, but the pain should be easy to manage with over-the-counter medications.

Since everyone heals at different rates, you shouldn't wait until the last minute to have the procedure done if you want to look good for a particular event. Allow several weeks, in case you need it for the swelling and bruising to subside. An eyelid lift is a simple operation that makes a big difference in your appearance. You may only need the procedure done once, but it's possible you'll need to repeat the procedure in several years as you continue to age. Contact a local provider, such as Hecht Aesthetic Center, for further assistance.