What Is A Blepharoplasty And Do You Need One?

If you need to get a blepharoplasty, would you know what the procedure was? Your cosmetic surgeon knows what this procedure is and the best thing is that this is a medical surgery rather than a cosmetic one so you may even be able to have insurance help cover the costs of the work done. Learn what a blepharoplasty is, where you can get one done, and why this can be an essential thing for you to get. Read More 

Types Of Stretch Marks You May Wish To Remove

A lot of people have stretch marks on various areas of their bodies, and some people have a problem with how these marks look. If you're unhappy with your stretch marks, you may wish to visit a local medical spa to learn about the various treatments that can be effective in reducing the visibility of these markings. Procedures such as microneedling and laser treatments, both of which are available at most medical spas, can be effective for removing stretch marks. Read More 

How To Select The Right Plastic Surgeon

If you are not satisfied with some aspect of your physical appearance, whether it is your nose or stomach, you may be able to change it through plastic surgery. Your first step is finding the right plastic surgeon to perform the procedure. However, with so many plastic surgeons, choosing the right one may be overwhelming. Here are some tips for selecting the right plastic surgeon for you. Ask for Recommendations Read More 

What You Should Know About Breast Reduction

If you have large breasts that are causing neck and back pain, breast reduction services may be for you. A breast reduction removes the excess skin, tissue, and fat that can lead to this pain. While there are many benefits to getting a breast reduction, you'll want to consider it carefully before committing. This surgery involves weeks of healing and significant changes to your body. Here's what to know about breast reductions. Read More 

3 Ways Cosmetic Surgery Can Alter Your Breasts

Your breasts' appearance might make you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. Cosmetic surgery can restore your breasts following a mastectomy, change the size and height of your breasts, or alter the appearance of your nipples. Take a look at three surgical techniques that can produce your desired outcome. 1. Breast Implant Surgery Breast implant surgery involves the installation of artificial substances to enlarge the size of your breasts. Read More