Types Of Stretch Marks You May Wish To Remove

A lot of people have stretch marks on various areas of their bodies, and some people have a problem with how these marks look. If you're unhappy with your stretch marks, you may wish to visit a local medical spa to learn about the various treatments that can be effective in reducing the visibility of these markings. Procedures such as microneedling and laser treatments, both of which are available at most medical spas, can be effective for removing stretch marks. There are several specific types of stretch marks that you may particularly want to remove, including the following.

Visible Area

Although it's possible to have stretch marks in several different parts of your body, you might feel that those in a visible area are the most problematic. A good example is around your abdomen. If you've had children, you may have stretch marks that remain from your pregnancy. Even if you've lost weight and your abdominal area is now flat, stretch marks can remain visible. These marks could affect your confidence to wear a two-piece swimsuit when you go to the beach or attend a pool party. The removal of these marks can give your abdominal area a clear, smooth appearance that makes you feel more confident.


Stretch marks can vary in color. While some have a color that is close to the color of your skin, others can have different colors. For example, some stretch marks are pinkish in color, which can make them more evident. This can especially be true if you have pale skin. Regardless of where these stretch marks are on your body, you might wish to remove them because their noticeable color bothers you. While some colored stretch marks can fade over time, a stretch mark removal procedure at a local medical spa can be a treatment that appeals to you right away.


While you might be able to successfully ignore stretch marks that are short and narrow, you might feel that those that are longer and/or wider are more difficult to overlook. Some stretch marks in various areas of your body can be quite long or wide, which can make them stand out more. Even if they're in an area that people can't easily see, you may feel less confident because of them. This is another good time to book a stretch mark removal consultation appointment at a medical spa in your area — such as Ellion Health.