3 Ways Cosmetic Surgery Can Alter Your Breasts

Your breasts' appearance might make you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. Cosmetic surgery can restore your breasts following a mastectomy, change the size and height of your breasts, or alter the appearance of your nipples. Take a look at three surgical techniques that can produce your desired outcome.

1. Breast Implant Surgery

Breast implant surgery involves the installation of artificial substances to enlarge the size of your breasts. Surgeons also employ this technique to replace a breast lost to injury or cancer treatment. The implants contain either silicone or saline solution to duplicate the look and feel of natural breast tissue as closely as possible.

Breast implants sit inside an open space either just under or on top of your chest muscles. Your surgeon will install the implant through an incision around your nipples, under the arm, or along the underside of the breast. Every few years you'll need to have the implant examined for leakage or other issues that might require additional care.

2. Surgical Breast Reduction

While many people seek to augment their breast size, others might want to reduce it. Large, heavy breasts can place stress on a woman's musculoskeletal system, resulting in neck, shoulder, or back pain. Men who suffer from a condition called gynecomastia may want to remove extra tissue from their breasts.

In a typical breast reduction procedure, the cosmetic surgeon makes incisions around the areolas, along with additional incisions running down from the nipple or higher up on the breast. The incisions allow the surgeon to remove fatty tissue from the breasts, making them smaller. The surgeon may use liposuction for this removal.

3. Cosmetic Nipple Procedures

Even if you feel satisfied with the size and shape of your breasts, you may feel differently about your nipples. You might have nipples that appear too large, low, or too far apart. Cosmetic surgery can come to your rescue by altering the size or location of your nipples.

A procedure known as a nipple lift can place your nipples higher on your breasts. However, if you also plan on enlarging your breasts with implants, that surgery may provide the degree of lift you need without a separate procedure. Your surgeon can also remove tissue from the nipples to make them smaller or more symmetrical.

Any kind of cosmetic surgical procedure requires careful consideration and planning, as well as the skills of a reputable plastic surgeon. Ask your primary care physician to refer you to an expert in this kind of surgery. You and your surgeon can then discuss your cosmetic goals and plan for a specific procedure.