3 Common Types Of Cosmetic Body Surgery That Can Make You Feel Better About The Shape Of Your Body

If you're unhappy with the shape of your body, you may be thinking about having cosmetic body surgery. Sometimes surgery is the best solution, especially if you've tried other cosmetic treatments and they didn't give you the results you wanted. Here's a look at three common types of cosmetic body surgery you might want to give you a more youthful appearance or better body shape.

1. An Arm Lift To Eliminate Sagging Underarms

If you have sagging underarms and you've been working out with weights, but they still sag, you might want to talk to your doctor about an arm lift. An arm lift removes fat and excess skin. This allows the doctor to tighten your skin and sculpt the shape of your arms to eliminate the sagging that bothers you.

An arm lift is often done after losing a lot of weight and you're left with excess skin that hangs down. However, it's also possible that you store fat in your underarm area that can't be eliminated with exercise. You could have well-defined muscles, but they won't show through if they're covered in fat or loose skin.

2. A Tummy Tuck To Sculpt Your Stomach Area

A tummy tuck is sometimes done after weight loss or pregnancy. The doctor removes fat and skin from your abdomen so it has a more attractive shape. The doctor is also able to tighten the abdominal area to give you the flatter stomach you may be trying to achieve.

You might want to talk to your doctor about using the fat that's removed during this cosmetic surgery. If you also want dermal injections in your hands or face, the doctor might be able to use the fat removed during the tummy tuck. Fat can also be used for breast augmentation. Your doctor can let you know if a fat transfer is a good option for you given your condition and goals for surgery.

3. A Breast Lift To Correct Sagging Breasts

A breast lift can be done with or without augmentation. A breast lift is a fairly common type of cosmetic body surgery since weight loss and breastfeeding can cause your breasts to sag and make you feel self-conscious.

Breast lift surgery can be done in different ways depending on the degree of sagging you have and the size of your breasts. A lift alone doesn't make your breasts bigger. Instead, it just corrects sagging. This might involve moving your nipples higher on your breast and pulling the skin tighter. 

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