Keep Getting Razor Bumps? Try Laser Hair Removal Treatments

If large razor bumps show up on your legs or armpits after you shave, ask a cosmetic specialist about laser hair removal treatments. Even if your razor comes with cushions, built-in moisturizers, or another additive, it may not be gentle enough for your skin. Your skin may break out instead. Laser hair removal treatments may be better for you. Learn more about laser hair treatments below.

What Are Laser Hair Removal Treatments? 

Laser technology is one of the most advanced medical and cosmetic tools used today. Doctors and cosmetic specialists use laser technology in numerous treatments and procedures, including hair removal. When used properly, the laser hair removal treatments can leave your skin feeling soft and smooth to the touch. 

The lasers used to remove body hair use special technology called diodes to work. Diode laser technology targets and destroys the hair follicles in your skin. Hair uses follicles to grow. If you destroy the hair follicles in your skin, you prevent hair from growing back too quickly. 

Hair removal lasers are also gentle on your skin. The laser light emitted by the tools only targets the hair follicles. The light doesn't affect the skin surrounding the target sites. If you suffer from sensitive skin in certain areas of your legs or armpits, using laser hair removal services may benefit you.

If you need a better way to remove the hair from your legs or armpits, consult a cosmetic specialist today.

How Do You Get the Treatments You Need?

A cosmetic specialist will examine the skin on your legs and armpits carefully before they treat them with a laser. Although laser technology is relatively safe, it may irritate inflamed or damaged skin. If your skin is damaged in some way, a specialist may suggest you return to the office for treatment after your skin heals.

If your skin is clear, a specialist will go ahead and remove the hair on your legs and/or armpits. A specialist may need to prep your skin prior to the treatment. The preparations may include rubbing topical pain medication into your skin. Some men and women may feel slightly uncomfortable during the procedure. The medication helps eliminate any discomfort you may experience during your treatment. 

After a specialist preps your skin, they'll remove the hair from it. This step of the process may take some time to complete if you have a lot of hair on your legs, or if you need to remove hair from other places on your body. 

Learn more about laser hair removal and how to begin your treatments by contacting a specialist today.