3 Tips for Getting a Revision Rhinoplasty

With more than 200,000 people getting rhinoplasty surgery every year, this cosmetic surgery is very commonplace. Rhinoplasty, colloquially known as a nose job, can help improve your facial symmetry and balance, boost your confidence, and even make it easier to breathe. Unfortunately, not every rhinoplasty is a success and that is where revision rhinoplasty comes in. These surgeries correct rhinoplasties gone wrong. Here is how to prepare:

Don't Rush Into Revision Rhinoplasty

The most important thing to know is that nose jobs take as long as a full year to fully heal, and in the meantime, your nose may not look how you'd hoped. You could have swelling that affects how you feel about your rhinoplasty, for example. In other cases, your nose may temporarily look too upturned before the swelling goes down and your nose settles fully into place.

Another factor is that you may just not be used to looking at your new nose yet. Revision rhinoplasty is a good idea if an entire year has gone by, your swelling is completely gone and your nose is fully healed, and you are still unhappy.

Be Candid With Your Cosmetic Surgeon

It's also important to be honest with your cosmetic surgeon from the beginning, rather than pretending to be happy with the results just to avoid an awkward conversation. You deserve to be happy with your appearance after such a major surgery, and your surgeon will be able to advise you on the best course of action. They may suggest a revision rhinoplasty, and if they made a mistake during the surgery this may even be done at no additional cost.

Consider Going Elsewhere for the Revision

On the other hand, if you don't feel like your surgeon is taking your concerns seriously, or you believe they were negligent when performing your first rhinoplasty, it's wise to research other cosmetic surgeons. Otherwise, you may risk your original surgeon making things worse or not fully improving your nose.

Be sure to choose someone with significant experience performing revision rhinoplasty surgeries. They should have reviews from happy clients as well as before and after photos demonstrating the results of similar revision rhinoplasty surgeries.

If you don't love the results of your nose job, a revision rhinoplasty may be the best option. Just be sure to follow these tips and do your research to ensure you are happy with the results of the revision. For more information, turn to a professional such as Susan L. Chobanian, M.D.