The Non-Sexual Benefits Of Testosterone Therapy For Men

Testosterone is commonly known as the male sex hormone. It is produced in the testes and plays an important role in fertility and libido. However, thinking of testosterone purely as a sex hormone can get you into a little trouble when it comes to testosterone replacement therapy. If you think of testosterone as purely a sex hormone, then you may not opt for testosterone replacement therapy if you aren't chasing sexual benefits. However, testosterone plays other roles in the body, too, and testosterone replacement therapy has some additional benefits worth considering.

Muscle Mass Maintenance

Testosterone plays a role in the maintenance of your muscle mass. This is why so many men start to lose muscle as they grow older and their testosterone levels decrease. Testosterone replacement therapy can help maintain your muscle mass, and it may even help you put some muscle back on if you work out. Increased muscle mass can help you remain more active. It can also make you less prone to injuries of the joints and soft tissues as you age. 

Improved Mood

Low levels of testosterone can make you feel depressed and under the weather mentally. So, supplementing with testosterone as you age can help elevate your mood or keep your mood more stable. If you have been struggling with treatment-resistant depression or anxiety, then testosterone replacement therapy is a good option to try. You may not need SSRIs and other mood stabilizers once you begin testosterone replacement therapy.

More Energy

Testosterone also plays a key role in regulating your metabolism as a man. As your testosterone levels drop, you may find that you feel tired more often. Sometimes this happens slowly over time, and you don't even realize how little energy you have until you start taking testosterone supplements and your energy levels rise. Having more energy makes it easier to stay active and engage in activities you love with the people you love. 

Bone Density Maintenance

You've probably heard of women losing bone density as they age. Men can lose bone density, too, and it is often due to a lack of testosterone. Supplementing with testosterone as you grow older can help maintain your bone density, which can decrease your risk of fractures as you age.

Testosterone is a sex hormone, but it is also so much more than that. Make sure you consider the benefits above when deciding whether to undergo testosterone replacement therapy.

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