Tips For Recovering From An Arm Lift

Most women want their arms to look good; short-sleeve and sleeveless tops and dresses are very popular, especially during the warm spring and summer months. However, the aging process or losing a lot of weight can leave a woman with sagging skin on their arms, and typically no amount of working out can make a difference in the appearance of the arms, even if the muscles become stronger. The best solution for sagging arm skin is an arm lift. If you are scheduling an arm lift, use the following tips during your recovery:

Don't Rely on Your Arms to Lift Your Body Weight

Immediately following an arm lift, it is extremely important to avoid using your arm to help lift your body from a sitting or laying down position. Doing so can put a lot of stress on the surgery sites and lead to complications. You will need to rely on your leg and back muscles when you need to get out of a chair or out of bed in the morning.

Pay Attention to Your Incisions 

While scarring from an arm lift surgery will fade over time, during the recovery period you will need to pay close attention to the incision sites and ensure that the dressings are changed regularly. Failure to inspect your incision sites and keep the area very clean and covered with sterile dressings can lead to a nasty infection that can cause a lot of problems.

Turn to Ice

The final results from an arm lift can take some time to be evident. In the days and weeks following an arm lift, you will most likely notice that your arms are swollen. This is a completely normal response, and you should not be alarmed. While your arms are healing from arm lift surgery, the best way to reduce swelling is by using ice. 

Avoid Using Heating Pads

Many people believe that a combination of ice and heat is the best way to help a body part recover after injury or surgery. While this is true in many cases, it does not apply to arm lifts. During your arm lift surgery, some nerves may be temporarily damaged and will need time to completely heal. That means that during your recovery process, you may experience some numbness in your arms, especially near the incision area. If you use a heating pad and your arm is experiencing numbness, you run the risk of burning your skin.