Three Tips To Make Styling Your Own Nails Easier

Being able to have beautiful nails is not always easy to do, if you have not been to beauty school to learn how to do them properly. There are a few tricks that you can use to create stylish nails without having to know all of the ins and outs that a nail tech knows. Use the guide below to learn a few tips to make your next manicure easier to do.

File and Then Wash Your Nails

Shape your nails however you want them to be shaped with a nail file and then wash them off with warm water and dish soap. The soap and water will remove any dust that may have landed on your nails when you filed them so that the polish can stick to the surface of your nail better.

Protect the Edges of Your Nails

One of the hardest parts about doing your own nails is painting with your non-dominate hand. To make sure that you have a finished look when you are done painting your nails, use a paint brush to paint a thin layer of white school glue around the edges of your nail. Allow the glue to dry and then you can paint your nails like you normally do. When you are finished, you can peel the glue away from your fingers and any nail polish that went onto your finger, rather than on your nail, will peel away with the glue to give you the finished look you want.

Create Crisp Lines

If you want to create a French manicure or lines on your nails, use clear tape. Apply one color of nail polish to your nails and allow it to fully dry. Place a piece of tape directly onto your nail where you want to create the line on your nail and then add nail polish above or below the line. Allow the paint to dry for a few seconds and then pull the tape away from your nail. You should have a crisp line when you are done.

Learning how to paint your own nails so that they look as good as when you go to have them professionally done takes time. Use the tips provided above to start learning how to create custom nail art and practice frequently so that you can get better and better at it. Don't be afraid to try crazy designs or bold colors to create an eye-catching look on your nails. Click here to learn more about cosmetic services in your area.