Why Natural Breast Augmentation Provides The Natural Look

The natural breast enhancement procedure is something that has been happening for around a decade. Most patients who choose to go through the breast augmentation procedure will choose silicone breast implants. Though not as popular yet, natural breast augmentation is an excellent choice for those who want to have the natural look. Here are some reasons why you should consider natural augmentation if you want a natural, appealing look.

Fat cells expand in size, not increase in number

One of the myths about fat cells increase in number inside of your body, depending on what you eat and how much you eat. The facts about fat cells are that the cells themselves expand in size. If most of your fat cells are located in your middle, you will notice that your mid-section tends to expand before any of the other sections of your body. For this reason, a natural breast augmentation will take fat from other parts of your body that hold more of the fat cells and place them inside of the breast. This will cause the breasts to expand in a natural manner. 

Your body can stay proportionate during weight loss and gain

If you have silicone breast implant and you lose a large amount of weight, this may throw off your body's shape and make you look more top heavy. If you gain weight with silicone implants, you may also look less buxom that you did when you first got the implants. Both of these issues are negated when you deal with natural breast enhancements through at grafting. With fat transfer, if you lose weight, you can lose the weight in the breast as well, and keep them proportionate with the rest of your body. This means your breast augmentation can always look good on you.

You can kill two birds with one stone

If you have a little too much fat in one problem area, such as the thighs or the love handles, you can have this fat removed and placed into your breasts instead. This means that your breast will expand with weight gain, not the problem area. This can also offer you the chance to start out on a clean slate with a former stubborn body part. By removing the fat, you can institute a good diet and workout regimen that will keep his area as taunt as the day you had surgery. This allows you to get the perfect cup size you were looking for, plus decrease an issue all in one.