A Tummy Tuck: Is This What You Need?

Do you need a tummy tuck? This is a procedure that can give you great results and a smoother, younger-looking stomach, but a tummy tuck is still a medical procedure and should be given serious thought before moving forward. You should only have a tummy tuck done by a licensed cosmetic surgeon who has experience with this type of procedure for the best results. Should you get a tummy tuck? Is this what you need? Use this guide to assist you.

You have a lot of excess skin

A tummy tuck is not liposuction; a tummy tuck is a procedure more designed to tighten the stomach by removing excess skin and tightening the stomach muscles that may have separated during weight gain, pregnancy, or other issues. If you have a lot of excess skin, you may notice that your stomach is in great shape otherwise but not flat and taut like you desire. This is a situation in which a tummy tuck can work for you.

You are done having children

If you are finished having children, then a tummy tuck may work well for you. Since having more children can result in the stretching of your skin and stomach muscles again, you risk the results of an existing tummy tuck if you choose to get pregnant again, so it's best to wait until you are done having kids until you get this cosmetic procedure done.

Keep in mind that you can have children following a tummy tuck without issue, as in, your body will be able to safely and successfully carry children after this procedure. However, just know that having children following a tummy tuck can change the results of your tummy tuck and your stomach may need repeat cosmetic procedures as a result. Your cosmetic surgeon will explain in greater detail the best solution for you if you want children and a tummy tuck at the same time.

You are otherwise healthy

If you don't have a problem with anesthesia and you are able to exercise normally and you manage your weight well, a tummy tuck can prove to be beneficial to you. This type of procedure is ideal for those who are otherwise healthy, and a variety of tummy tuck solutions are available depending on your personal needs. You can get a full tummy tuck, a more advanced version of a full tummy tuck, or even a mini tummy tuck to meet your needs and help you feel better about the way you look.